Nothing exciting here today but we did manage to get out to visit grandad  (or terrorise him may be a better discription.) The Three White Dogs made themselves right at home – as normal. This was after they had checked all the rooms and perimeters first – incase grandad had purchased something new or even more horrifyingly moved something.

Grandad had been well behaved though, so the dogs were quite happy. Well maybe happy is a bit over an over statement – Willie was NOT happy. You see daddy had done a runner… 
As I entered grandads, Mr 3WD&P saw an opening when the the dogs were distracted to pop along the doors and drop of a ‘man tool’ he had borrowed from a mate a few months ago. The pouting started almost immediately with Willie – I don’t know why daddy didn’t take him to be honest – but I am just the ‘wife’. Yeah the wife who had to put up with Willie face planting the windows- while he stared morosely out into the beyond – wondering what he had done wrong to chase daddy away…
Honestly, if dogs could win Oscars for their performances – Willie would be up there, getting his now. The girls didn’t give two hoots – they were more interested in getting the high ground at the ‘window seat’ to catch the sun rays and watch the world go by. When dad did show his face Willie perked right up – plonking himself on his lap (although he was a little disgruntled he had to share this moment with Rosie and Maggie too) but coped with the inconvenience of it well – only gruffing and stomping off in a huff once! 
The rest of the day – I’ve been tidying – ready to go back to work tomorrow. I could easily take another week off. I can not hear, taste or smell anything and my head feels like a bowling ball but it’s a 100% improvement on last week. Yeah I’m tired but sometimes you’ve just got to get back on it and as long as I don’t have to do anything complicated – like spell my name tomorrow – I’ll be fine.
But for now I will get the last of my r&r’s and enjoy the broth Mr 3WD&P made for me – and maybe binge watch some more of the ‘Dark’ series…

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