Never mind Westie Paw Prints, It’s The Butt Prints That Matter..

Just look at my couch – I have westie butt prints indented in permantely. Not that I mind this so much but come on the cover is there to protect it and where does Willie have his big butt…

Funnily enough my bed seems to have circular indents on the mattress too – three of them. I think it is safe to say the dogs are full intergrated into the family. I would say the same about Lord Pig too, though rather than being a part of the family he sees himself more as allowing us to be part of his family (as everything belongs to him) but no one can deny we are a family – a dysfunctional one but one nevertheless.
Today has been a funny day too with rain and snow, mixed with moments of sunshine and grey skies. As such we took the opportunity to go for a walk earlier in the day as we were worried it would be too cold for Rosie  – plus we have miniture visitors coming later today.
Our walk was pleasant, although Rosie is having a daft day. We met other walkers and dogs and chased some snowflakes. Willie is leader bound due to his sore hind leg but he didn’t seem to bothered and Rosie was sat on…
Yes sat on – totally her own fault. You see we met a lovely husky puppy today with its owner and as we stopped to chat and say Hi, his owner gave the command sit and this clever puppy did just that – it just so happened Rosie had decided at the exact point to sniff his sphincter.  Bless Rosie got such a fright, the puppy didn’t quite know what to do – wanting to please it’s mum but also play and us people; we couldn’t stop laughing…
So Rosies day has just been one of “those days” so far she’s been; sat on, fell off the couch, noisy farted, frightened herself and walked into a door – hence all the grumpy photographs today. Hopefully tomorrow will be her day but for today I will whip her something special up for her tea – today is nearly over Rosie, chin up!

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