Snow Shovels.

Who needs a snow shovel when you have a westie – they just use their face! 

We had quite a good amount of snow last night, much to Maggie and Willies delight (Rosies – not so much – it’s wet and cold.) This excitement on Willie and Maggie’s behalf has of course meant they have been like yo-yo’s; in, out, in, out – all day. Which in turn also means we have most of the snow inside the house now.
However,  if the garden snow impressed them the fields, totally blew their minds. Maggie and Willie immediately went into snow shovel mode (with their faces) and zoomed about the field like loonies. Actually dad had to make them sit still, so he could get a half decent photograph – not that it was worth it, as if you look at Willies face, he looks like he’s sucking on lemons – he went in a proper huff just because daddy made him sit still for those few moments. 
Even the giant snowballs that accumulate under their chests and legs did not slow them down – if anything it encouraged them more. As they began to roll in the snow,  pulling and dragging their whole torsos behind them. We had to draw the line under the fun though when it got to the point they were resembling ‘John Wayne astride a horse’ and as soon as they realised we were going home we got a mixture of feelings from the white dogs.
Rosie beamed and led the walk home at a very enthusiastic pace – not enjoying the frolick out in the cold – indeed she had no snow anywhere – not on her face, tummy or legs – preferring to stand and watch with a rather grumpy look that gave the impression she was thinking  “I’m too old for this.” Maggie and Willie however, had to be clipped on lead – you could just see the thoughts and calculations going on in thier heads – would they get away with doing a runner down the field. Certainly as soon as we caught the look they gave each other the leaders were on before they could act – sods.
It was the right time to get them home though as no amount of rubbing them down with the towels could get the snowballs off them – meaning only one thing – they needed a warm shower! The horror – how dare we – we totally spoilt the day and it had nothing to do with us looking after them – how could we even suggest it was because we LOVE them…
So they are in a huff and we are in the bad books. I might give them sardines for tea – that usually mellows them out!

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