The Bull in the China Shop.

The snow is starting to melt now – ready for the next snowfall. Maggie and Willie are not too happy about this but made haste in making the most of it today. Rosie was a little less grumpy than she was yesterday – with it being slightly warmer, so put her best paw forward and participated as much as she could be bothered. Of course Willie made a complete tool of himself – as normal. Bounding in like a bull in a China shop, not stopping to think that the field may of been water logged or slippy. Thus He went sliding on his arse, head over heels and face planted the snow and like any totally irresponsible, infallible youth bounced back to to attention full of adrenaline – ready to go again.

He really is an eejit sometimes. Both Maggie and Rosies favourite game by far was catching the snow though as we kicked up as much as the soft stuff we could find. They delighted in getting a ‘face full’ and enthusiastically leapt into the air trying to catch the snowfalls. There was no snowball hitch hikers on fur – it was too warm. On getting back home the three White Dogs tried to share their snow adventure with Pig cat by depositing the excess snow in his direction. Sadly, this did not go down as enthusiastically as they hoped – resulting in long, disgusted glares from Pig cat as he turned his back to us and our giggling and went back to dreaming in the comfort of his duvet. We all followed his example and to warm up though and snuggled on the couch, snoozing in and out of our dreams – we were all tired after a long week and still recovering from illness.

Furthermore I had kept the dogs and Mr 3WD&P awake last night. Yesterday was two years to the day I lost my mum. I had, had a relatively okay day – not being the type of person to dwell on the dates loved ones have left us. Rather I prefer to celebrate their life at times like birthdays and Christmas (and I had found this Christmas difficult) but I found as I went to bed I just could not settle. I did eventually- with my head on Maggie’s tummy. You see I didn’t want to talk or fuss, I wasn’t upset as such, I just wanted quiet and Maggie was just that – sensing that it was enough. Certainly it feels so surreal, two years ago yesterday; some days it feels like years and years ago – other days like it was just yesterday and I still expect her to walk through the door. There is no manual for the loss of a loved one. No set time scale or way to cope.

Everybody is different and grief is a very private thing to some extent – there is only you and how you feel. People can help, try to understand but they are not you. There is no wrong where grief is concerned either or in the time or lenght you grieve for. There is only right – what is right for you but what is vitally important is to talk – whether it is to your pet (I have talked loads to my dog), a close friend or family member or even to a professional but always talk honest- there is no wrong where grief is concerned – you feel, how you feel and you are not alone.

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