Not Impressed.

Mr 3WD&P is not impressed – almost as unimpressed as Rosie. Why – because the snow is falling again – meaning daddy had to do a perimeter walk at work – and on a Sunday too! The Three White Dogs went with him (they are the site security) as such they too had to do a perimeter search for sly foxes, sneaky hedgehogs and any such persons that could be deemed as trespassers or even worse burglars and they take these tasks very seriously… Mr 3WD&P was more concerned about the snowfall or should I say the amount of it. That and the fact in is lying – thick and steadfast. This is while he is also mumbling under his breath about how it’s not suppose to be bloody snowing- the forecast said rain! So Daddy (with the not so white dogs against the snow) pulls on his wellies begins to fill up the salt spreader to mark the paths. I would like to say the dogs were very helpful, supporting daddy In his vein attempt to be two steps ahead of the weather but they were just more interested in playing in the snow – well Willie and Maggie were. Rosie ran home and watched silly daddy, Maggie and Willie in the warmth – inside the house with mummy – complete with tea and biscuits…

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