Bye Bye Snow.

Snow, snow and more snow but thankfully it’s melting as quick as it came. I don’t know about Maggie and Willie or even Mr 3WD&P but I know me and Rosie are pleased to see it melting away. I’m sick of slipping and sliding all over the place and let’s not mention the amount of mopping the hard floors have needed as it’s took the brunt of all the foot and paw prints. However, a snow melt also means a water logged fields and slushy footpaths – it means mud and mess and most likely baths for the three worky tickets. With Wellingtons on the ready though it will also mean longer walks – something I’ve missed these past few weeks as the cold has caught little Rosie and her WLD out – often resulting in her struggling to breath. More in keeping though (fingers crossed) it will help me see more losses at ‘fat club’. I was amazed tonight at a 2.5lb loss, especially as my walks of recent have been brisk due to weather and illness and because of my down fall – the late evening nibbling of cashews and jelly beans (yes, weird combination – I know.) So bye bye snow, hello rain…

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