The Paths Are Clear.

The paths are clear- the snow all gone and we can get back to our woodland walks. The Three White Dogs thoroughly enjoyed today’s walk, even with the water logged paths. The weather a few degrees warmer and the sun trying to peek through the cloud made for a very beautiful – if not surreal stroll.

More importantly – as the weather warms up Rosie shortness of breath improves. She found our walk today enjoyable and was back to her happy self, investigating noises and smells. We did pace the walk though, as the snow has put a stop to our very long walks up to now and we did not not to over do it on our first day.

However, beautiful it was today though the under lying issue of possible Alabama rot in the area made for a rather more careful stroll than usual. It also meant on returning home with three rather muddy dogs that a bath was called upon.

Thus as the paths get mud laden and Alabama rot threatens – our walks will change. We will look to the local beaches and this Sunday morning we will descend upon Seaton Sluice beach – by the big red bus cafe (in the middle between Blyth beach and Seaton Sluice beach) and all are welcome to join us – if you dare join in our madness…

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