A Bath in Peace.

Anybody who has had children and lived in a house with one shared family bathroom has had the experience of an unsuccessful relaxing bath. You know the one. Where you pre-warn everyone in the house; an hour before you go in, then as you are running it, then again minutes before you physically get – demanding if they need the toilet to go NOW!

Of course this tactic never works (or not to my knowledge) and as soon as you begin to relax or lie back in the bath you get the proverbial ‘knock on the door and whine of “I NEED the toilet ” – which usually means a great big smelly s**t (or it was when it came to my lot.)

Thankfully though our children are older now (man children) but we also live in a bungalow, which just happens to have a separate toilet and bathroom- obliterating the awkwardness of shared family bathroom experiences.

However, things are not that straight forward with the three white dogs – they come with a different set of problems. Like when I go in the bath now, I still warn everyone an hour before hand – not because the toilet will be unavailable but because I bath with the door open (westie width.) This is easier than getting up and down out of the bath every five minutes – as you just can not win with westies. If you lock the door they whine and scrat at the door to be in BUT if you bring them Into the bathroom with you and shut the door – they also whine and scrat at the door to get out – Ffs…

So yes a bath – with the bathroom door open (westie width) – still better than having to get in and out of the bath to let everyone dump thier smelly s**ts and leave poo odour de air freshener while you finish your bath. Now Maggie normally is the one that joins me. Turning round and round on the bath mat, getting cosy and going to sleep – with her mindful eye on me – just incase. Today, though it was Willie.

I felt so blessed Willie had chosen me over his daddy. He snuggled on the mat by the bath while I soaked. I listened to him sigh and breath deeply as he became relaxed and contented. I was a beautiful moment. Well, until the toxic gases reached me where I was sat in the bath.

Willie bottom was rank – he lay and puffed and chuffed through his bottom the whole time I was in the bath – by the time I climbed out, I felt sick. Never before have I smelt such an array offensive odours together – and from such a small dog too. It brought tears to my eyes and all the memories of the boys when they were little, banging on the door in a panic as they threatened to soil thier pants because they were ‘desparate and couldn’t wait’.

Being a parent is awesome, isnt it ? Whether they have two legs or four. So thanks Willie, you totally ruined my bath. You stink!

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