Day Off…

I know I shouldn’t gloat but… I’ve had a day off work- we got sent home as the building had no working facilities. Even worse I’m secretly praying that work is still broken tommorrow – does that make me a bad person? Who knows, all I know is I really enjoyed spending the time with the white wonders and I’m pretty sure they loved it too. The weather has been great and we took full advantage, going for a super long peacefully stroll. We have also had visitors today – in the way of family and even managed to get a sneaky meal in at the pub. Actually I’ve been so organised today that I have managed to get the; shopping ordered, house cleaned, driving theory booked, nails booked, college courses looked at and floors mopped. Way to go us (as Mr 3WD&P helped – hes good like that.) I may even have a go at putting my hair dye on, it’s a new colour (I have had it since before christmas) and so far I have hummed and harred and procrastinated to the point I have thought of a million reasons of why I may not like it – I might be brave…

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