The Intruder.

There was a monster in the kitchen this morning and as everyone was fast asleep and daddy was at work it was Willies job to warn everyone and protect them. This would not of been so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that it was six o’clock in the morning (an hour before the alarms were needed) and that we nearly all dished our pants with fright. More to the point though – if it had actually been a intruder or even a monster. It was infact just daddies cardigan hanging on the back of the chair in the kitchen. However, no amount of reassurance would convince Willie of this, so the panic barking and growling at the said cardigan went on until he was satisfied It was dead – in other words, until I had removed the offensive item.

All of this frightening stuff had obviously taken it’s toll on Willie though as he scampered back to bed – under the covers – curled into the back of my knees – even though everybody eles in the house was now wide awake and when it was time to get up, nobody was enthusiastic. The traitorous Willie however, stayed in bed and slept – along with his counterparts Rosie and Maggie and so the day continued…

The Three White Dogs pressured grandad while he ate, photo bombed number two son as he spoke to his mates and generally have caused havoc today. Me – I got my nails done and spent some time admiring my new silver fox tones in my hair – trying to decide if I liked it. I think I do. So as I’m trying to write this post – which is taking twice as long as normal due to the nails. I’m feeling grateful for Friday and the weekend, which will be hopefully full of sleep catching up with friends and cuddles with the dugs…

Happy weekend xx

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