Bye heck, you couldn’t half tell that we haven’t been to the beach for a few weeks – the dogs were bonkers. Leaping into the freezing cold tides, doing super dog – mid air leaps, digging, running up and down the sand dunes. They were like Duracell bunnies in the back of the car buzzing as soon as they recognised the route and pulled on thier leads like bungee jumpers in a rush until we let them off. It was mad. They met lots of new friends too – although some of them were not impressed as Maggie zoomed in and nicked thier ball (oops.) Others were quite happy though to join in the joy and fun of these three characters and the obvious delight at being at the beach but even Willie could not keep up with the collie dogs long legs. Being mad as a box of frogs made for some good action photos though, mid flight ones and spot Rosie in the dunes. So I think I am safe to say they will be happy visiting the beach inbetween 10 and 11am tommorow and if you are popping along for a stroll – we’ll be on the beach, right smack bang in the middle of Seaton Sluice and Blyth beach (Just look for the big red double decker bus – that’s where we normally park and the path takes you straight to the dunes.) We will be the couple with the Three Looney white dogs.

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