Free Ride.

Another wee thing that happened this weekend…Rosies carrier arrived. She hates it at the moment because it’s scary and might peel her skin off and eat her, so we need to work on that (cue the ham.)

Maggie though – she loves it. She got straight in and is totally happy to be chauffeured around – lazy lump that she is. Willie is too cool for it, however, it does not empower his aura and therefore will not even acknowledge it never mind entertain it.

So fingers crossed with some training (and lots of ham) we can teach Rosie not to be scared of it and we can take it with us on walks for those ‘just incase’ moments. Rosie is an active girl but it nice to have something for when she gets tired or out of breath. We love you Rosie, we are not trying to kill you – honest.

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