January Group Walk.

We had our first community dog walk this morning at a local beach. It started off a little bumpy – with no big red bus cafe for people to use as a landmark and a spot of rain on route. We arrived promptly at 9.45 (to give our trouble makers as quick run off of energy) and so did some of you, as lets face it great minds think alike. I wasn’t too sure this morning, worrying if I’d been a tad over promunsious organising a walk. Over thinking everything from; where to get cuppas to what if it rains and they may hate me (I’m a bit weird like that) but we were a lovely bunch – indeed our 10am to 11am walk was actually 10am to 12.30. We had ten westies with us and seven adults (if I counted right) not bad for a cold January day! We did of course attract attention from other walkers and thier dogs – even acquiring one or two extra on the way in parts. We also has our trouble makers, the swimmers, diggers and ball thiefs – you know who you are 🙃 but im afraid to say it was me today who attracted the most negative attention – thanks to Maggie. You see Maggie had a snotty botty (and in company too) so it was only natural I was going to take her down to the water front to wash her. I lovingly knelt down beside her and tipped her delicate foo foo into the tide to rinse her Korma bum away when… A great big bloody wave came crashing over me – boots, leggings, coat, bag and all. Did I get any help up – did I heck. Mr 3WD&P did give himself a stitch laughing though and Maggie, well she was squeaky clean – just as well I love her isn’t it. So if you came today thank you. I really enjoyed it – wet or not. We took lots of photos (too many) so I’ve made an album to pop them all in, have a peek and feel free to sneak some. Anything different I would do next time – I would get cake next time – a big slice with my cup of tea (although the coffee looked nice too) and If you couldn’t make it this time, maybe next time. I promise not to get wet again, everybody is welcome, two legs or four. Cake and coffee not compulsary but delicious.

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