She Said Yes!

We got the old lady in it – drama free too. No more struggling with her westie lung on walks and in the cold. She will be snug as a bug under her rain cover – snuggled in the blankets.
Rosie is a peach, so happy and go lucky – well as long as she isn’t having one of her confused dementure moments. All there is to do now is to pop some pads in the bottom of her basket as Rosie is vintage bird and will be thirteen/fourteen this May (she is a rescue). However, her Cushings sometimes makes for poorly stomachs, loud trumping and little surprise tiddles – don’t think the husband will be too chuffed about warm dribbles down his back when adventuring…

Thankfully, she is a fit thirteen/fourteen year old (with the exception of Rosies WLD and tummy problems) she likes walking and can sometimes best her canine companions on chasing squirrels and birds. She has her good days and bad, more good at the moment I am pleased to say but we have noticed her slowing down and tiring more of recent.

Her medication at current works and her diet is under control, so with walks and adventuring being her main love it only seemed right to make sure she could participate and enjoy it for as long as possible. Even if it means we have to change our walks to suit her and wear a baby carrier with an adapted bottom. The dog prams were great but sadly, we found not they were not always easy to use on off road walks/ paths/beaches. So we may look daft but we dont care – she’s worth it!

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