Nothing – Nowt.

What have we been up to today – nothing. Absolutely nowt. We have been lazy and snoozed all day – well the Three White Dogs and Pig at least. The hubster and myself have been at work and the man children at school and college. The morning started with scrambled eggs for breakfast and back to bed (I hope we are not the only ones that spoil the dogs with eggs for breakfast.) Anyway as they all toddle off to find that perfect sleeping place, I dragged my knuckles to work and I am pretty sure none of the fur clad lumps moved all morning – as they were all in the same places and positions that I left them in this morning. So it was a bit of bribery in the way of honey ham to entice them out of bed for toilet breaks at lunch time. To which they stayed out of bed to watch every morsel of food that Mr 3WD&P and I ate – while giving us the ‘sad eyes’ – you know the ones. Strangely enough though they all disappeared when we began to tidy up the kitchen… On further investigation I found them back in bed again (some of them had even tucked themselves in under the blankets.) This is where I made the fatal move, I lay beside them for a cuddle- just for five. Two hours later – OOPS, I had, had a nana nap, not that the dogs were complaining, snuggled all around me. We have got up for some tea – no bribery with ham needed (I’ve even popped my Pjs on)and as the dark night and cold wind comes in… The little terrorists want to go out for a walk – in the freezing cold – can you belive it!

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