Wednesday Woes.

Wednesday woes or certainly Willie feels he has Wednesdays woes, I mean there’s the issue of he only gets two meals a day and various treats. This indignation is a perfect example of how badly he is treated. I mean it’s not even steak or salmon – it’s just scrambled eggs and bacon and the likes that the people feed him – the disgrace of it.

Then theres how and where he’s fed. On the floor in the kitchen next to Maggie and Rosie – In the middle of them can you believe it. I mean for starters all he has is a raised oak bowl stand (hand made by daddy) and a blue dish, specially designed for dogs. The most dreadful part – he is not allowed to greed from the other plates when he is finished his. He gets told off for this and called names such as ‘little fatty’ and ‘greedy guts.’ It is not his fault if Maggie demurley nibbles and chews each mouth full of food twenty times, savouring the flavour. Neither Is it his fault that he and Rosie practically inhale thier food, devouring every bite. Indeed there is no need for name calling – even if he does have his face in Maggies dish eating a gob full of food when mummy and daddy are not looking.

His complaints to not stop there either – he could go on all Wednesday – every Wednesday. He’s not allowed to wee on the kitchen bin or the footstool for that matter. He has to brush his teeth every day. The back door is not allowed to be kept open all day just so he can come in and out like a yoyo and lastly after work and tea and walks – mummy and daddy sit down and relax – relax. How dare they, he might want another walk.

So he lies on the back of the couch, behind daddies ear and huffs, puffs and whines because Woe Wednesday – life is so unfair…

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