Running for the Hills.

We’ve been playing on the ‘Teletubby Hills’ just for a change, as there’s nothing more fun than running up and down hills and playing ‘king of the castle’ at the top- although, Willie went in a bit of a huff and wouldn’t play anymore because Maggie bested him. Rosie was in best form to today, wrapped up warm in her hoody – as it was a wee bit cold. She kept up with the young uns, only needing to catch her breath as she reached the top. Maggie as normal was a young eejit, running round in circles – she never seems to tire. However, it seems in Willied huff and my lack of attention to his complaints he decided to dole out punishments – he now stinks and is the proud owner of a stunk like brown, smelly stripe down his back – odour de poo (fox I suspect going by the colour and smell) cheers son. Worryingly though, another smell is wafting around Willie – his breath smells like death, ‘death breath’ my husband has labelled it. On closer inspection it looks like a trip to the dentist is on the cards. Willies teeth have been poor since he arrived to us – a combination of abuse and living on the streets I think. We were hoping with a good diet and some tlc they would improve and not need extractions. I don’t think he’s going to be that lucky though (or us for that matter as I am pretty sure the insurance doesn’t cover dental.) From Willies point of view and the fact he can be a right grumpy monkey at the best of times – earning him the nickname ‘Victor Meldrue’ he has been a good sport about it, as on having a good rifle around in his mouth he must be in some discomfort with them. So unknowingly to him its off to see the vet this weekend – bless his cotton socks – he’ll be bumping his gums complaining…

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