Look At That Innocent Face.

Look at the face – like butter wouldn’t melt. Isn’t Lord Pig the Magnificent just beautiful and his tail – which you sadly cannot see in it’s full glory these in these photos is something to behold. The relationship between him and the three white dogs is somewhat hit and miss. We have gated areas where Pig can roam to his heart content safely and when myself and my husband are about he can roam the whole house freely. The Three White Dogs know they are not to chase him or torment him (whereas Pig does not return the gesture) but generally it all works well.

Maggie has lived with Pig from a puppy and adores him, so much so they can be left without constant supervision (but we always make sure Pig has escape routes in these situations – as you never know.) Willie learnt not to chase or torment Pig from the school of hard knocks – he had to learn quickly and he has astounded us how well he has adjusted and I think Willie and Pig could be good friends if given the chance.

Rosie though is a different story. When supervised her and Pig can be in a room together but with her poor memory and as she is as ‘mad as a box of frogs’ training her is somewhat exhausting and repetitive – in that everyday she forgets and everyday we correct her. So for now Pig has his safe gated areas but only socialises with the dogs when we are present – which Pig is quite happy with.

However, we somehow managed to lose Pig this week… We knew he was in the house, we knew nobody has let him out but could we find him – no. We did notice though that the dogs were acting quite strange in the kitchen – walking along the edges of the walls and looking rather nervous.

Go back and have a look at those lovely photos of Pig cat – awh doesn’t he look nice and innocent. Well no he is not -he is a right t**t. He was hiding in the kitchen under the cooker (we’ve had a new cooker installed- which is smaller than the last one and has left a gap between the floor and cupboard.) From this vantage point he was waiting in shadow baiting the dogs and as the dogs (unsuspecting) walked past he would jump out at them. The dogs were nervous wrecks and im pretty sure they dished themselves once or twice – bless them.

Would Pig come out though – not a chance. So the dogs walking around the walls of the kitchen until he got bored. Moral of the story cats are b@#$@%ds…

Pig we love you too bits but you are a right shit sometimes 😍😍😍

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