Breakfast in Bed.

I had a toasted teacake in bed for breakfast this morning. Mr 3WD&P was ever so lovely and organised breakfast in bed while the lazy snowballs snores their head off. Needless to say they did not stay asleep but rather sat up straight like something out of a horror movie when they heard daddies footsteps and the rattle of plates coming in thier direction.

Now I think the order of the photos tells the story of what then proceeded to happen quite aptely.

Photos 1 to 3 – snoring thier heads off.

Photos 4 to 6 – the stages of begging and pleading.

And lastly photo 7 – the huff.

I think you can guess that they didn’t get anything to eat. I was being a good mummy – I’m pretty sure raisins and sultanas are not good for dogs (will look it up to check) but me being a good mum does not matter to these three food terrorists…

So I am in the bad books – they would not even lie on my side of the bed, nevermind let me socialise with them. They even put thier back to me. Why is it always me that has to be ‘bad cop’. I’m pretty sure they are going to make me suffer all weekend for this indiscretion.

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