Seeing as we are on the topic of Twitter today – I have a confession to make. I have no idea what I am doing, I’m more a fbook/Instagram kind of girl. Therefore I am clumsily navigating through Twitter leaving a messy path of debris in my wake. I mean if someone follows you, do you follow them back and what’s the socially acceptable amount of tweets to tweets. Then there is tweeting other people tweets – I am totally and utterly out of my depth. Therefore, I must apologise in advance for the fumblings – I am sure I will get there in the end (at least I hope so.)

Leaving the world of Twitter behind though and revisiting the world of the Three white dogs and a Pig – I would like to brag about how proud I am of Willie today. You see today was vetinary visit day and Willie – well Willie can have trust issues. Which is understandable given what little bits of information we have on his past. No animal should have to endure any abuse, never mind the neglect and abuse Willie did and that mixed with time living on the streets. Indeed Willie has come on tremendously since landing at our door as a foster dog defensive and feral In August. You could not go near him and touching him was a no go.

He has been know to snap at vets on check ups, react to injections and been generally un-approachable. So today when he sat like a boss (relaxed) to let them look in his mouth – while the nurse prodded his teeth and gums – we were ecstatic. He was a picture of a happy confident dog, a different dog to the one that arrived those months ago.

Sadly, as we suspected when he first came to us Willies teeth are in a poor state and have deteriorated further. This means he does indeed need dental work and extractions. So a provisional quote of £450 and a book in date for Wednesday, it’s all go. The vets have provisionally suggested Willie will need four teeth removing but will not know for definite until he’s under.

We have gave him as much time as we could for him to settle. Daddy will go with him on Wednesday for his anthesetic and while he’s under we are going to get his leg x-rayed too (the one he’s limping on.) We are a little worried – who wouldn’t be but he’s got to feel better getting them out. God knows we have all experienced the pain of toothache (I wish we could get sedated for extractions.) So chin up Willie it will all be over soon.

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