Muchly Excited.

Some thing really exciting happened yesterday (or at least really exciting for me.) Not only does the Three White Dogs and a Pig have a page and (friendly) group on facebook but they also have an instagram and Twitter account too and yesterday on Twitter we got a new follower.

Now this follower is kind of special too us as we have been following them for a long time. They have been an inspiration – in that their writing inspired me want to write (although our topics are slightly different.) So You can imagine my pleasure when not only they start to follow us on Twitter but we also had a mini conversation on Facebook, over their latest post.

Now, I know you may think I am easy pleased but for someone who is very critical of thier own writing and thinks it is rubbish and the dogs would probably be more literate it was and is a huge thing. I oft get compliments from my readers – which means a great deal to me – not in a narcisstic way but in that my main reason for writing is to put a little smile in everyday life for people or at least a feeling hope of in a sometimes negative world – an escape to the daily routine of life.

So who is it, you’re wondering… it is the fantastic Scotland with The Wee White Dug – how amazing is that. My next wish Judgy Dog and maybe Thor (Chris Hemsworth.)

Take a look at Three White Dogs and a Pig (@ThreeWhiteDogs3):

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