Poorly Pup.

So little Rosie has been down to the vets today to get her bloods done to check on her Cushings Disease and make sure her body can withstand a course of steroids. Rosies Westie Lung Disease has noticeably deteriorated from christmas and this week you could physically see she was exhausted with the effort.

Maybe it has been the colder weather and snow and ice. We really don’t know. Sadly, it will not be the Cushing Disease that will take her from us but the progressive Westie Lung Disease. This is a horrible disease and is heart breaking for us mummies and daddies to watch, as our beloved fur babies deteriorate before our eyes.

Even the vet could see Rosies breathing was more laboured than usual. So Rosie has been given a week’s course of steroids to try and help her regain some much needed rest. In addition to this her walks will be shorter on a more gentle tone and her carrier on hand. We already wrap her warm on walks but an extra blanket in her in her carrier won’t hurt.

Small blessings, she has a healthy appetite and her Cushing Disease does not seem to be bothering her and hopefully is under control (but the tests could say different when they come in.) She is also a happy girl, keen to go on walks and live life – albeit she is tired with the exert of trying to catch her breath at the moment but this will hopefully improve when the steroids kick in. So we will take every day as it comes, love each other and the time we have with her and Willie… He’s doing grand, no more death breath. He is still tender and walks have to be short and gentle for a while – he’ll be on lead then.

On other news, it my mum’s birthday today and as she is not with us anymore this means the whole family get together for a meal. So yeah no cooking tonight or dishes and as for the bill. We’ve got to the point where we are over worrying about money due to this weeks huge bills. Mr Credit card can cover it – we will panic about the payments next month when they come in.

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