Worky Tickets.

Well Oh My Goodness, it seems the workie tickets are feeling alot better. Rosies steroids have kicked in and she’s full of herself. It’s puppy madness, she’s dashing, running and jumping all over the place and back to her normal happy self – I hope it continues after the steroid course finishes. She is not struggling for breath as much, her appetite is better, as is her drinking – we have had a few tiddles in the house though but that could be the steroids. The funniest thing of all (well Mr 3WD&P doesn’t think it’s funny) she has to be supervised in the garden. The little bugger is having a whale of a time digging up the mud and plants and causing anarchy rolling in it at every opportunity – she’s definately feeling better.

Willie is back to his worrisome self too – back on his window sill – monitoring the grounds. He does this wonderfully from his high perch, while also silently judging everyone – especially naughty Rosie. Although Willie is the epitome of a grumpy old man, he is less agitated and fidgety, having the dental work and teeth removed has made a vast difference – certainly there’s no more death breath.

Now Willie and Rosie are back to normal albeit Rosies may be short lived, Maggie is in her element. We definately have a status quo of Willie and Maggie being martial spouses and Rosie is the mother in law – although we are not sure whose – giving the impression that Maggie and Willie have just walking into the nearest ‘mother in law shop’ and purchased the first grumpy, stubborn old lady they could find to got the bill.

So with the Three White Dogs back together and the half term upon us, Lord Pig the Magnificent is off to the feline spa as we feel a road trip coming on…

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