Car Shopping.

Before our road trip today we detoured to help out Auntie Donna – who has recently passed her driving test and wanted to look at some cars (but not alone as she’s a newbie.) So with the three White Dogs in tow we headed off to hers to do a spot of child sitting as Mr 3WD&P took my sister off car shopping.

As me and my nephew’s settled down to watch a movie – all snuggled in the warm throw, the dogs got themselves accustomed to Auntie Donna house. You see Auntie Donna’s house is a town house – meaning the living room is on the first floor. So as you can imagine the three musketeers were delighted at this, as it is the perfect advantage point for snooping and patrolling.

The three of them squished on the footstool. I pulled back the blinds and there they stayed most of the morning. In being so enthralled in the world around them and thier concentration focused, we did have a few ‘humpty dumpies’ fall off the footstool but no harm was done.

And the little sister… Well she has purchased her first car and picks it up Monday – our mum would be so proud of her – she’s an alright little driver too, so you don’t need avoid the local roads. Her first insurance though – I dread to think…

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