Sleeping Positions.

The sleeping positions of the three White wonders – who are still in bed by the way.

1. Maggie the curl up queen – nice and tight, as close to mammy as possible with her face snuggled neatly into the pillow or her armpit. Just to enforce the notion that she is not getting up…

2. Rosie the mad old lady – also determined not to get up. She had chosen the sausage roll method – with the fleece blanket wrapped around her as she quietly snores and gently twitches through a pleasant dream. Which is lovely to see, as its her best sleep for a while due to her westie lung disease – the course of steriods have helped her lots …

3. Willie the mafia boss. Tough and hard, afraid of nothing – under the duvet, between daddies legs – like the big pussy he is. Furthermore, he has a nice corner of the duvet at hand (or mouth more to the point) so he can suckle and nibble at his hearts content. Mafia boss my ass – he’s totally conformed to house living now – no sign of the feral street dog we got in August..

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