Is It Getting A Bit Silly?

Sunday breakfasts – is it getting abit silly? Who knows but the dogs love it. It is one of thier favourite days – and they know when Sundays are.

Needless, to say they watch daddies every move, from the switching on of the oven to the sizzling of the eggs – although, when the eggs start sizzling, the dogs start wiggling. Thier tails wag, the drool starts – because they know it’s nearly ready.

The worst bit, having to wait while it cools, the dogs are like impatient toddlers, bouncing on thier heels. Willie paces the floor, giving the starving eyes and sad face at every opportunity. Maggie does her standing on her back paws cute begging and Rosie shakes with anticipation.

The drama of getting the bowls down is actually okay – they know they have to wait for the command to eat. However, yesterday though, Rosie did tidddle a little in her excitment (steriods are making her wee more) but when the bowls went down and the command given to eat…

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom…

We had three spoilt but very happy customers.

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