Stupid Ideas.

We all get silly ideas – like when we decided to stop on our road trip with the dogs at the border between England and Scotland. We even had a giggle to ourselves about how clever we would be if I got my photo taken on one side of the border and Mr 3WD&P on the other side – then we could say we were separated from each other in other countries (we are such numpties at times.)

We did indeed stop, still feeling very clever with ourselves. It was not, however, clever or fun – it was the opposite. It was Baltic… It started off all good fun, stomping through the snow, laughing at the icy wind whipping our faces as we saught out the border stone but by the time we got there and stood waiting for all the tourists to take thier pictures, we were miserable.

Mr 3WD&P was loudly complaining that he had left his gloves in the car and at this rate with the cold and his Reynard’s we would be collecting his fingers off the ground. My face had frozen into a perfect scowl – which was accompanied by a rude, sarcastic reply to my whiny baby face husband. Rosie was panting for breath in the freezing cold wind, while rubbing her face in it – how that helps I have no idea? Willie obviously had an itchy ring, so was pulling his arse along the path and through the snow drifts scratching it and lastly Maggie was invertly tying me up in her lead trying to get a cuddle off the bus load of foreign tourists that had just turned up.

By the time we got back to the car both Willie’s ass and Rosie’s face looked like they had had botox, they were so frozen, Maggie had her tongue lopping out the side of her mouth like a loonie, the husband was still going on about his bloody hands, dropping in the odd swear word for effect and I was ready to stab someone – preferably the husband with my costa coffee stir stick…

So if you are thinking of visiting the border stone – go in the summer – it’s f*£#ing freezing in the winter (and if you have Raynards your fingers will drop off.)

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