Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day 💜💜💜💜

Today is Valentine’s Day so here is some of my favourite photographs. Mr 3WD&P and I do not exchange gifts or anything on valentine’s Day – preferring to save pennies have a weekend or night away instead (dog friendly of course.)

That being said Mr 3WD&P is the love of my life. We met later in life and dare I say at not the best timing, infact we did not see each other coming, which was probably for the best as we were both great at self sabataging potential relationships. Indeed we were work colleagues and good friends to begin with – which has been great grounding for the strong relationship we have now.

We have been through the mill with many hurdles along the way but for all the things that have been thrown at us we have stayed strong and as life goes on the hurdles and curve balls still pop up now and then – indeed we have a few on the go just now. I still believe though, even when thinks are tricky that I am the luckiest person – not everyone gets a second chance at happiness and I got the best chance.

Whether you have met Mr 3WD&P personally or just through my blogs – you will quickly realise he is charasmatic, caring and bloody lovely. He is also compassionate, respectful and adored by practically everybody that meets him – people and animals included (with the odd exception that blokes probably would not use the word adored – it’s too girlie – they would probably use ‘liked or canny’.)

So to Mr 3WD&P and my babies (The Three White Dogs and a Pig) I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day 💜.

To my children, grandchildren and family, I will always love you but sometimes I don’t like you. Happy Valentine’s Day 💜.

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