Valentine Profiteroles.

It’s still valentine’s Day and me and the mister put aside some time to share a simple dinner of chicken salad and profiteroles – only the profiteroles were special enough to adorn photographic evidence and I didn’t eat it all.

You see funnily enough neither Mr 3WD&P or I spent today together – we split – me with Maggie and the hubby with Willie and Rosie to visit friends. We both had good days, catching up with our friends – doing nothing special – just hanging about but isn’t that what friends are about.

Maggie loved her 1:1 time with me and even more so with Auntie Saz and Poppy at the park. The pond was frozen over and it was funny watching the birds happily walking over the mirrored face of the water. Thankfully, Maggie does not like water but Poppy does – she loves a good swim – much to to horror of her mummy, so on the lead she was kept – just incase.

Rosie and Willie had a more laid back day, where walks were concerned. Rosie has started to deteriorate again and Willie is on dogtors orders to not over do it as he needs a operation when we get home on his leg. Neither of them know they are poorly though, so dad got a bit of attitude and cold-shoulder at the more relaxed walks today – you just cannot win.

So as we have finished our valentine’s dinner and are sitting happily full, we have three snuggle buddies on the couch, waiting for the big brother to arrive. He will be twenty one on Friday and is coming to stay with us for a few days with his fiancé – I cannot wait. Mr 3WD&P – he is hiding all his favourite food – the visiting man child may eat it!

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