The Kelpies.

We have been gallivanting and exploring today. The plan was to visit the Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel, sadly we did not make it to the Falkirk Wheel as we had to do a u turn home because it was just too cold for wee Rosie and she began to take ill.

The Kelpies were very impressive though and I would love to visit again (in the summer – when it is warmer) and I would probably visit later in the day as they get lit up – which is quite spectacular. It was very picturesque though with the canals and house boats moored up alongside the Kelpies. There were also play parks, walks and foot paths galore – so great for a family day out – with a picnic in hand.

However on a windy day like today – with the chilly icy February air in full swing it was unrelenting. There is no cover or protection from the elements on site and non of the cafes or amenities were dog friendly, well in terms of allowing dogs inside to sheltered from the cold anyway.

Rosie was prepared or so we thought – as we are in Scotland. She was jumpered up and extra coats and blankets were packed in our backpack at the ready, should we need them – and we did. I cannot even begin to describe just how cold it was. Maggie hid between Mr 3WD&P legs, Willie tried to shelter behind and in the buildings and Rosie…

Rosie had to be picked up, wrapped up and carried back to the car – she was a shivering icecube, who was cold, miserable and fed up. She was so pleased to see the car and climb in that her little bum wiggled happily ten to the dozen as we strapped her in and Maggie and Willie were just as pleased and at her heels to get in the car too.

So, a change of plans – we swapped the Falkirk Wheel for a pub lunch (indoors thankfully) and the dogs slept the afternoon away – in the warmth and comfort.

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