The King of Kinghorn Beach.

This morning we took advantage of the beautiful weather and the sheltered bay of kinghorn beach (which is right opposite the apartment.) It can be a trek down to the beach though – with a choice of steps or ramps leading you down to the golden sands and up again. We took the ramps as they are more manageable for Rosie – she just has to pace herself as they are very steep ramps – they certainly get the heart pumping.

We were very lucky enough that the tide was out (it comes in very quickly though so it is best to keep an eye out) not that the three white wonders paid any mind to that – that was the people’s responsibility. Excitingly, as the tide was out, the rock pools and sea boulders were free to be explored and there’s nothing better these three adventurers like than playing ‘billy goats gruff’ climbing in amongst the ragged rocks and plodging in the cool water pools.

This being said, some of them were quite deep – a lot deeper than Willie gave them credit for… Meaning Willie had an unexpected swim on the cards – the plonker – that will teach him going in with two left paws. The girls, well they are sensible little things and don’t do water and getting wet – plodging, paw deep is their limit.

So with a little sun in the sky and a sheltered bay a ripe February morning can be a little treasure chest – especially if you have the beach all to yourself.

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