Pride Rock.

Hear me rawh as I stand on pride rock, for I am king of all you see. King Willie the first of his name, warrior of cheese and dominator of the squeaky toy, King Willie the invincible and cuddle monster of planet daddy…

Willie could just not help himself, pride rock was just callng out to him to climb and the pose he made when reaching the top was classic Lion King. Both Lady Maggie and Spinster Rosie made the climb too but we’re not so impressed at the top.

I can only assume it was so intriguing to Willie as for once he felt important and free from all the female hen pecking. You see Willie is an owned man – pushed and pecked and nagged by the ladies on a daily basis. His male superiority challenged, trampled on and chucked in the bin. Gone is the street dog – hello hen pecked husband.

So we will give Willie his moment, for he may not get another one for a while – savour it son, Pig will be home soon and the hen pecking will commence even more…

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