The Three Bridges.

This morning we visited the other beach where we are staying – this one is down the street and round the corner, as apposed to across the road. There is also no steep ramps or one hundred steps to go up and down to get to it – there is actually just six steps and you are there standing on the beach. Even more convenient there is a carpark right next to it (as it is very popular beach – with free parking.)

It is larger than the sheltered bay by our apartment and not sheltered, so if it is a cold day wrap up – if it’s warm though – you can baske in the sun. Again you have to watch for the tide, as it comes in fast but unlike the bay you won’t get cut off. However, when the tides out you can walk the full length of the beach, round the corner and into the beyond. If the tide does come in while you are wandering there is a nifty little pathway back up, over and through the rocks and hillside – which also gives you very cool views.

The most spectacular view though…

The now three Forth Road Bridges. From this beach you can see them in their glory. Lined up one by one and my little phone camera has not done them justice (but gives you a kind of sneak peak.) Now if you fancy a stay here and a good view on this side of kinghorn, you can always have a look at Pettycur Bay Caravan Park but I hope your knees are ready for the challenge. Sadly, it is not dog friendly either – which is probably just as well as Rosie struggled with the wind down here, never mind up there in the clouds but it does look stunning (last image – not my own, courtesy of google.)

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