Back to reality with a bump…

First visit on returning home – to the vet.

We had some tough decisions to make this week about Rosie, although, her Cushing’s is under control, her liver is failing. There was options for biopsies and tests and such but we have made the decision with the vet that in essense her liver failure is not what will take her from us but her Westie Lung Disease. We have decided that as the biopsies and tests will not prolong her life and her liver failure is terminal that we do not want Rosie to have to go through the stress of the tests.

For us it is about giving Rosie a quality of life now, ensuring she is not in pain and addressing the illness/symptoms that are causing her the most difficulties – her breathing. We combat her Westie Lung with corvental and the use of fans around the house (to encourage air into her.) We have also recently been prescribed a short course of steroids to try to strengthen her lungs – which did show an improvement in her but she detoriated as soon as they had finished.

Indeed Rosie just has seemed to ‘age’ these past two weeks. We have always known this awful disease would slowly take our baby but we are not ready to give up yet. Rosie has a great appetite and still loves life, especially her walks – albiet they are shorter, slower and sometimes assisted. So on talking with the vet, we have decided to try steroids on a daily basis but a very low dose and viagra – yes viagra, new studies have shown it can improve organ efficiency (hopefully her lungs and heart.) We so very much hope it works for little Rosie as we still have a few adventures planned in the warmer months that we want to share with her.

And Willie – we were hoping to get away with anti inflammatories to work for his leg but it hasn’t worked out as planned. Meaning it’s an operation for him in the next few weeks (costs covered by the insurance, hopefully – thank god) but you have to look for the little blessings in life – Maggie is a young, happy, fit girl. We may not of had any control over how these two rescue dogs Willie and Rosie came into this life or what they have had to endure before they came to us but we can control how they live the rest of their life and how they go out of it – happy and loved.

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