Coming Home.

As we packed up and sorted the apartment to leave, ready for the journey home the three white dogs pottered on – the knew something was afoot and being nosey parkers did not go far but packing up is a boring business. So they toddled off to the apartment’s garden – they really like the vantage spot of the steps, as it is high up and great for being nosey. Whereas, Willie likes the garden its self – lots of places to scent but still they came back every few minutes just to check on us.

When it was time to pack the car up though they were on alert – watching daddy from the windows, hovering by the doors. They like the car – the car means adventurers and adventures they did have. We visited the beach one last time, stopped for goodbyes at the family’s house and then did walks and wee stops again before we secured them in the car (as it is a long journey at three hours long – but we do stop for breaks.)

The car was pleasantly quiet on the trip home. I think the three white whisps were ready for a sleep (it’s been a busy week you know) indeed they slept soundly, snoring all the way to our first stop point – even sleeping through the escape of the pom bears (they never miss a packet opening) I think it’s safe to say they are ready for a holiday from the holiday – the nicest thing about a holiday though – the coming home…

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