Melon Head.

Watermelon – who knew!

Willie and Rosie love it. Maggie though – you won’t find any photographs of her eating it. She stomped off in a huff under the table after spitting it out when I offered it to her. I was also given the ‘what do you think I am? I am not a racoon or deer? I am a dog – dogs do not eat watermelon!’ look. The disgust was plain to see on her little face, as Willie and Rosie scoffed happily away.

Now, I am pretty sure Maggie’s huff had something to do with the fact I did not offer her an alternative she liked. Or certainly that was the expression she gave as she deliberately snorted as puffed as loud as she could as I walked by. Furthermore, she was so confident in that she was going to be compensated, that everytime the fridge door opened – she was there, waiting and oh boy can Maggie hold a grudge – there’s nothing like a westie scorned.

Rosie and Willie have paid no attention to Maggie’s private war and are now nicely hydrated – watermelon is great for getting fluids in – as long as you don’t mind the pink tinge to the beard. We will definitely be buying it again (sorry Maggie) but next time I will get some carrot batons for private Maggie – who has dug in the trenches, ready to win this westitude war.

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