You are my favourite …

Rosie adores my nephew, which has is unusual for her as she is normally weary of children – especially small ones. However she copes well here, due to the fact we encourage child free areas in the house and only let the visiting children interact with the dogs when they are supervised. This way we know everyone is comfortable with the interaction dogs and people alike. Rosie usually parks herself high up or follows at my heel when we have little feet here – especially when it’s the one that crawls but right from the beginning she has had a soft spot for this particular two legged boy and it is lovely to watch, as he is just as enamoured with her.

Maggie has no favourites and loves all the miniature visitors – especially the small ones and most definitely the one that crawls – as he opens his mouth wide for kisses – yak. Indeed if Maggie is not getting; kissed, cuddles or fussed from the small hands, she is usually trying to snuggle up with Rosie – which can go either way depending how Rosie is feeling that day. Today must be a good day as Rosie was quite amicable to the idea of snuggling with Maggie.

In contrast to the beautiful relationship the girls have with our small visitors though, is the other extreme – Willie – who is ‘Victor Meldrue’ reincarnated skulks off somewhere to sleep the visitors away. In this case – on our bed, behind the pillows where nobody can see him – the grumpy old man that he is.

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