Eat Your Words.

We have had the one that crawls today and I have to eat my words, for yesterday I announced Willie was a ‘grumpy monkey’ and a reincarnation of ‘Victor Meldrue’ who hides from the visiting children and is an all out party pooper. I don’t know if he was listening when I read yesterday’s post out to Mr 3WD&P and thought to himself I’ll show her or if it’s because now his toothache has gone he’s feeling generally better – not that he’s overly emotional or joyous but today he did show me and he showed me well.

He has sat with the very small, crawling one all afternoon. I am very lucky to of been able to see the interaction between them too. Willie was so gentle and attentive. The baby picked toys out of the dogs toy basket and passed them to Willie, who sat patiently waiting and took them off him ever so gently – even giving him a paw for the toy and when the baby went to take the toys back – Willie released them, sat back and let him. This is the dog that a few weeks ago would walk around the edge of a room to avoid being touched by the little people.

Yet today he has let the crawling one; pet him, play with him and hug him. Willie has followed him about and checked up on the baby as he has practiced standing up and down, while furniture walking. There was even an incidence where the baby used Willie to stand up and pulled his tail – Willie’s reaction – nothing, he sat patiently and waited. I am so proud of him, yes I was on hand the whole time to support both of them but there was no need to intervene – not once. Willie was a super star.

So a beautiful day, I got to watch this beautiful relationship flourish, the snowdrops are coming up in the garden and number 2 son bought a ‘real replica’ light saber – random I know (don’t ask the price – he’s been saving for ages.) He’s also been a geek for ages…

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