Late Evening Stroll.

We have been out for a late evening walk. The three white dogs thought this was great fun and did not hesitate one bit when we pulled out the leaders. Even number 4 son came out with us for a wander, although, it was more because we were stopping off at the shops on the way rather than wanting to spend time with us or being ou in the fresh air.

What excitement late evening walks can be. We hunted through the mole hills for the naughty mole – which the dogs got the scent of but couldn’t find the little fellow. They barked at the bats flying over head and played hide and seek around the lamposts and corners – Maggie is very good at this game. We even met some other like minded late evening walkers with thier dogs .

It is definitely worth shaking up a routine once in a while – the three musketeers loved it – they had an excited twinkling in thier eyes and now? Now they are snoozing happily and dreaming of dusk adventures, bats squeaking and sneaky moles digging up the green grass.

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