Nana Rosie.

Nana Rosie (for that is what we have started calling her) and Maggie have been to the doggie spa for a pamper. They had the full hog – baths, cuts, style, nails, lady bits and a little twinkle of glitter dust. Both girls look adorable, indeed you could just imagine nana Rosie having a blue rinse at the hairdressers ready for her Friday night bingo. The girls had such a lovely busy time, now with bellies full they are content, sleepy and snoring – sometimes you just need a girly day…

Willie managed to avoid this trip to the groomers as unbeknownst to him he is getting shaved at the vets next week (not a very becoming cut either – the one leg and half a belly job.) Safe to say I don’t think he is going to be estatic next week, so he better enjoy his gloating of avoiding his bath thus far, bless his little Yoda ears.

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