Birthday Parties.

We were invited to Skye’s second birthday party this morning, it was a fun filled affair bursting at the seams with more four legged friends than two. There was a dog friendly birthday cake and a dog friendly play area (toys included for the pooches) and us hoomans were catered for too with caffeine and yummy treats. Where were we you are asking, it sounds amazing? It was, we were at the fabulous The Barking Bistro cafe in Whitley Bay.

It was my first visit to this establishment and it will not be my last. I was super impressed with the friendly staff (who were all dog friendly.) There was a selection of beverages from yummy lattes to soft drinks, bacon sandwiches and cakes galore. Even your fur babies were thought off with thier deluxe dog treats, snacks and goodies – on thier own vintage stall. Furthermore, there were canine cupcakes, pawsecco and everything else you could imagine a pampered pooch would like – they even sold dog accessories.

Now, how did all these furry balls of mischief get along – they got on fine. Yeah it was a little bit noisy at times with yappy hellos and ALOT of bum sniffing going on – not to mention the odd tiddle on the floor but it was all took in everyone’s stride. We were ever so proud of them all and my lot – well I learnt Willie is too cool for birthday cake, Nana Rosie was not impressed with the birthday hat and Maggie – she loved every bit of it but then she loves being amongst it.

So Happy Birthday Skye, thank you for inviting us and check out the photo album coming up with all the photos in…

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