We have been to a doggy birthday party this morning but more on that later (with photos galore.) However, before the white wanderers attended we took them for a walk along the promenade, it was a tad cold and windy with the sea foam angrily crashing up against the promenade walls and steps but it was a nice change to sand.

We found funky graffiti – I was drawn to the beautiful colours – it’s a shame it’s vandalisation as there are some very artistic and talented folk out there. However, this was no Banksy but was colourful nethertheless. In addition to the vibrant graffiti (that the dogs were not interested in) we found rocky terrains – such as walls and cliff edges to explore and we all know the three white dogs are ‘Billy goats gruff’ and love a good climb. They are certainly not scared of heights, that’s for sure.

One thing we were scared about was the rocking, raging, ragged sea that was throwing up waves and sea foam from over the walls and railings – railings that a wee white dog could easily slip under if the waves decided to drag them out to sea. So we kept the dogs away from the edge (not that Nana Rosie or Maggie had any intentions of going anywhere near the horrid wet stuff) but when we had no choice but to go near the railing it was ‘clunk, click’ leaders attached and I’m pleased to say nobody got wet.

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