Crabby Pants.

Well today’s blog was never going to be as exciting as the doggy birthday party yesterday but I did manage to get myself into mischief or in the bad books – just depends what take you see when reading this post really…

We all know Willie’s knee operation is fast looming upon us this week and like most animals he detests the ‘cone of shame’ this spurred us sympathetic and loving fur parents to try and source an alternative as soon as we received Willies operation date and I am pleased to say we were successful.

I am also very excited to inform you that it arrived today – just in time. I was delighted when opening the package and thus praised myself for such a fabulous find. The dogs too seemed quite excited as I unwrapped the item and let them sniff it – tails were awagging. The tails continued to wag as I used Maggie as a model – to check fit and comfort and I was ecstatic to see that not only Maggie thought it was a hoot but Willie too. Obviously the colour, texture and all in fun toy feel was a hit, with Maggie parading about proudly and Willie chasing her and playing about around her. It was such good fun. Well that was until I took it off Maggie and popped it around Willie…

The fun instantly stopped along with Willie’s sense of humour – it was no longer a game as he scowled at me. He was not playing anymore! It was a laugh when Maggie was wearing it and it was fine to chase her and tease her. You couldn’t tease anything out of Willie – he wouldn’t even move and when I took it off him. The huff began instantaneously.

Furthermore, when I began to look about for more models – as it is just TOO CUTE I just got negativity and outright attitude, I mean Nana Rosie just narrowed her eyes, lifted her head high and stared directly at me with an accusing ‘I dare you’ look, so that was a no go. There was always Pig cat though… Yeah his look was no better and I quite like my hands in one piece, thank you.

So I had to make do with having a giggle at the photographs I took and sharing them with Mr 3WD&P. I think I did good, don’t you? I’m sure the dogs will ease up on the cold shoulder they are giving me soon, they can’t be crabby forever🦀🦀 🦀🦀🦀 …

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