Face Shovels.

Snow + Westies = Mischief and fun, fun, fun. As they do love the cold white stuff, especially Maggie and Willie who used thier faces as shovels and pranced around like snow foxes, jumping into the deep snow. Wee Nana Rosie chose to sit in the porch at the open door, preferring to watch in the dry and warm of the house – she did venture out as daddy came home through the gate but quickly toddled back inside to judge her siblings crazy antics outside.

Indeed thier antics including gruffs, snorting and all out excitement of playing in the snow caught the attention of many passer bys, warranting lots of oooos and arrrrr as they fought thier way home through the deep snow and as such this how the day has passed. No long walks – due to Willie’s leg whereas a curfew has had to be put inplace until he has been operated on and he has recovered.

Not that Nana Rosie is complaining, she is quite happy admiring the beautiful white landscape from her warm perch at the window sill and it is just as well really as it is probably too cold for her anyway. However, we cannot forget Maggie who is a young, spritly thing with an abundance of energy. Thankfully, with snow like we have and are still getting you don’t need long walks – a good romp In the two foot snow is a work out in its self. I am pretty confident that they will all sleep well tonight – as confident as I am that Pig cat will not venture out tonight either. He has been even less forthcoming than Nana Rosie and had not left his comfy bed all day…

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