Here’s some photos from our snow day yesterday (check out our snow dog) – yes it is a little pants but we were on a timer – the timer being Nana Rosie who runs back home and sits at the door after ten minutes. She really does not like the cold but the rest of them did fine, even when the thunder and lightning came they carried on.

At this point I was home with Nana Rosie, laying towels on the floor and putting towels on the radiators ready for them all to come in. This was of course after lifting wee Nana into the shower and bless she was so cold, she was pleased to have it (and she had three layers on to her warm.)

But then all three dogs were pleased for the warm shower as they came in happy but cold. With the snow being as deep as it was it went up to thier chests and all three dogs happily lifted thier legs and paws so I could melt the hard snowballs that had cemented into thier armpits but the highlight of the fun – daddy put the fire on and we all know how much they love the fire. They just had to negotiate a place near it, as the grandson was hogging the hearth and warmth…

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