Willie is Home.

Willie is home.

Today has been a rollercoaster – as you know Willie – he doesn’t do things by halves, he goes whole hog and if someone can do complicated well – it is Willie.

The future was uncertain for Willie at eleven thirty this morning, his booking in at nine o’clock went well, the specialist was happy with him – thankfully as he travelled all the way from yorkshire especially for Willie and the vets theatre and staff were opened today solely for him too. However, on preparing Willie and checking him throughout while he was sedated we got the call that there were complications. It was obvious Willie had trauma and injuries from times past (before us) and significant signs at that and I have had a little cry at the thought of what Willie may have endured.

In addition to this there was a query of a tumour – making the odds less in his favour and the possibility of Willie loosing his whole leg. As Willie was already under, the specialist there, it was decided the best course of action to find out what was going on was to open him up – as the x-rays gave minimal clues.

So, he has had his cruciate ligament done, the usupected tumour was not a tumour but a mass of scar tissue and bone (from a suspected past break that had been untreated.) There was fluid colllecting there and around the damaged ligament. Due to his this and the way his bones were, he has had to have the bones broke and shaved down – making the surgery, major surgery. He is to be crated for the next month and only allowed out to toilet and eat and as you can imagine, he is a very poorly boy.

Maggie is happy to have him home but is fretting as she can sense he is not right. Only Willie could have his operation on the day of the worst weather and be so awkward to have so many complications and to the person who did the damage to him – I hope karma gets you!

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