An Awful Night.

After an awful night last night with Willie – which the most part was spent rocking him like a baby to try and sooth him. We have rushed him back up to vets surgery. Where they decided he would stay admitted for the day on a drip and with stronger pain relief.

We always knew Willie would be a horrible patient – his reaction to pain is extreme – even the slightest bump and he did not disappoint last night. Not only did he whimper and cry all night but he screamed ( if a dog can scream) and thrashed out like a wild beast, to the point we had to remove him from his crate and hold him. He has not drank or eaten and we have had to force feed him his pain relief and syringes of water. Neither had he been to the toilet – well until he was sat on my lap in the car, on the way to the vets – nice.

So as he gets 1:1 nurse attention and super pain killers, I am going to soak in the bath as I smell of stale urine and Mr 3WD&P – he is hopefully going to try and catch some 💤💤💤 and later this evening we will hopefully get Willie home again, rested and full of pain relief -the strong stuff…

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