Home – Round Two.

He is home – round two.

Willie is home, settled and quiet for the moment (and full of methedone) his home prescription has been changed to take into account how much pain he is in and we have bought a new soft crate to try and minimize him hurting himself should he go hulk again tonight.

We got the chance to catch some 💤💤💤 this afternoon – which the girls joined us for some of it, as they fretted all night too. When they were not snuggling up to us they were happy enough to smell out the ‘man children’ for extra cuddles. When these cuddles were not taking place , however, we made the most of the ‘eldest man childs’ moment of weakness – sympathy for us tired oldies and made him take the bins out and cook tea – of course I had to take photographic evidence as it happens rarely. I think he has his fashionable look just right when trudging through the snow lol…

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