Rosie’s sleeping position can not possibly be comfortable at the window sill and Maggie is collecting snowballs and trying to hide them so she can eat them later (and avoid the bath.) However, when Rosie and Maggie are not getting up to mischief they are on Willie patrol. You see they are still not quite sure what to do with Willie.

Willie today, also does not know what to do with himself, he is off his food and water and fidigity, seemingly not able to get comfortable. He is also a little blue and down in the dumps – the solidarity of the crate dampening his spirit.

Thus he is now travelling with us, room to room crate bound and when we are settled, he’s allowed out to snuggle. He is being such a brave chap too and has not whimpered once. He is however, determined to get up on the back of the couch to look out of the window and we feel so mean telling him no but it is not worth it. He needs to heal.

So as we get ready for work tomorrow, the dogs are napping inspecting that it is a work day tomorrow – meaning they will be abandoned for an hour or so – or maybe they will be glad of the peace…

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