My Poor Willie…

So I took my Willie off to get a check up with the nurse today… there was some redness and the expected stiffness but the nurse was satisfied that all was good.. and poor Willie, well he wasn’t impressed bless, he did his best to turn his back on the whole ordeal and hide his face under my chin because that way nobody could see him and we could just leave. As it happens we were only in there 10mins but we do have to return on Saturday. And when we got home we had a welcome party waiting in the form of Pig and 2 little faces in the window. As Willie can’t go for walks now and can’t for some time Mrs 3WD&P didn’t want Willie feeling left out of our wandering so she felt a purchase happening… one that Willie ended up giving his seal of approval. Me and the wee man may have no street cred left after tonight, but do we care.. nope.. We enjoyed the fresh evening air and that’s what matters afterall… you cannot keep a man and his Willie down afterall 😉

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